Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Azul Systems: Products & Solutions

Azul Systems: Products & Solutions I've got gigs of storage and megs of RAM, but one CPU. Is the new multi-core vector of CPU development the new tipping point that will drive the new metric in computing to be kiloCPUs? Will the CPU unit of measure be the last generation of Pentium before Intel went multi-core? It looks like Azul might have an early lead in a new paridigm in this computing trend.


Anonymous said...

you're not measuring the number of disks, but the capacity. you're not measuring the number of DRAM chips but the capacity. why would you care about the number of CPUs on a chip?

Techbuz said...

Good thought on the distinction between units of measure. I guess on a memory chip, there are multiple cells, similar to CPUs. As for disks, you got me. The other distinction is that a CPU at any point in time is processing one instruction (byte) (hyperthreading aside), whereas at anyone time the state of a disk or memory is such that it contains mega or giga byte.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. But having lots of CPUs only translates to usable higher capacity if it is contiguous capacity. That has been done with scale up but most people think that's an expensive model. Doesn't the Azul model help you get there much more cheaply? 384-way flat SMP in an 11u rack looks pretty economical to me.

Anonymous said...

James McGovern has blogged about his experiences with this technology at http://blogs.ittoolbox.com/eai/leadership

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